Wool Sucker

Wool Sucker is a supernatural art rock band from New York.


The Music

We play original tunes (and a few covers) ranging from blues and alternative rock to classic Americana and old murder ballads. The tunes pull from folk tales, magical realism, and mythology & try to bring the smallest of those stories to a gritty & unflattering life with a marriage of acoustic and electronic/synthetic sounds & morose, unexpectedly sweet vocals.

The Band

Alex Minier (bass & lead vocals)
Jeff McLaughlin (guitar & occasional vocals)
Andrew Miramonti (keyboard & occasional vocals)
Cody Rahn (drums) 

Elizagrace Madrone (speaking)

The Show

Some nights - most nights - Wool Sucker plays more than music. If you're not there to hear us, if you're just drinking your IPA at a random New York bar on a unremarkable weeknight, we'll catch you by surprise. If we get it right,at least one person leaves saying: “I just had the strangest night…”

This incarnation of the show is built around the band and the songs, ranging from quiet folks tunes to garage art rock. The set list & therefore the text changes every show; it’s permanently rough and ragged and going up for the first time.