Wool Sucker

Wool Sucker is a supernatural art rock band from New York.


Wool Sucker Press

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Brown Girl Magazine says “…get out of your comfort zone and stretch your imagination…if the world is ending, you’ll want Wool Sucker, Ryemaggedon, and a little magic on your side.”

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the album

Women walk on butterfly wings, potholes sprout mouths full of broken teeth, and devils dance at the crossroads –and if you don’t see them, maybe you’re just not looking hard enough. New York-based surreal rock band Wool Sucker brings these small, strange stories to uneasy life in tunes ranging from experimental grunge to classic Americana. In their debut album, Plastic Wings, Wool Sucker sends sidelong, unseen creatures pulled out of everything from Russian fairytales to familiar bedtime stories crawling across the American landscape.

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the band

Andrew Miramonti on keys!

Andrew was molded from Mississippi mud - the Missouri side. He is an old soul. Literally. We don’t know who made him but whoever did gave him an old, used, beat up soul. He’s making the most of it. Let him hide behind his hair. It’s not kind to look a soul in the eyes.

Jeff McLaughlin on guitar!

Probably, Jeff emerged from the swamps of Florida. There are...signs. Or symptoms. Don’t stare. Don’t look at him straight on while he's playing. The extra limbs that creep out during more involved solos are something he prefers to keep tucked away. Don’t draw attention to them--it’s rude. And potentially unsafe. Just buy him a drink.

Alex Minier on bass and lead vox!

Alex sprouted from a fallow field in Nebraska on a sticky July night. Left untended, he walked off under a sturgeon moon and kept his new legs moving until he reached the sea. Which brings us to now. Well, to here. He’s still here. Sort of - staring.

Elizagrace on...doing things sometimes!

Elizagrace was born in a barn. Yes, she closes doors. Please stop asking. We’re frankly irritated that we need to mention it. She carries redwood needles in her right pocket and black sand in her left. Another pocket is always, always empty.

The drummer on drums!

The drummer has always been. The drummer will always be.


Wool Sucker

Keys, drums, guitar, bass, and...other things. That’s Wool Sucker. They build songs from stories stuck underfoot--whispers and notions cast off and forgotten. They peel up and rehabilitate barroom braggadocios left on the floor and release them back into the wild. They pick up old tumbleweed yarns and straighten them out to make them walk tall again. They don’t believe in metaphors. It’s not a matter of principle – they’re all just pretty sure that metaphors don’t exist. At least, they’ve never come across any.

Year by year, the five of them made their separate wandering ways to New York City. Each of them folding together all the pieces of lives they were told they could have there. Squinting one eye, just so, to make the seams disappear. And one night in a dingy, overrated club on the Lower East Side, all their ocular gymnastics interlocked. That was how they began and, one day, it’s probably how they’ll end.

Press quotes

Paste: "It burrows its insistent claws into your brain and won't let go"

Indie Band Guru: "The group clings to the unexpected and the unseen... to create an uncanny Americana album, Plastic Wings"

Beach Sloth: "'Plastic Wings' opts for a warm tapestry of sound, one with messages and melodies that linger in the mind like a half-forgotten dream."

Born Music: "Wool Sucker’s latest track is an alt-rock meets alienated Americana masterpiece... We can’t wait for Wool Sucker’s debut album, Plastic Wings"
See our interview with Born Music here--Introducing: Wool Sucker

Grungecake: "The lead singer’s vocals are like satin, and the lyrics are breathtaking."

7zic: "sinuous and melodious music, which makes us literally hover"

Middle Tennessee Music: "a sonic assault that digs deep into our emotions, stirs them around for a while and leaves us longing for more"

We Love That Sound: "The New York surreal-rock band stands for big movies and big words... in the best archetype, the song rolls over and ends in a fireworks display."

Brown Girl Magazine: "get out of your comfort zone and stretch your imagination…if the world is ending, you’ll want Wool Sucker, Ryemaggedon, and a little magic on your side."

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